Your Payment Options

By partnering with a variety of financing companies, we can make paying for your system easy and smart. We help you get approved in minutes and offer a variety of options to meet everyone’s budget and goals.

Your finance payment can BEAT your electric bill & remain FIXED, regardless of electric rate increases! You’ll be locked in at the price you are given that will never go up. There are many additional options and benefits to going solar including reinvesting your tax credit to reduce your payment even more!

Pace Financing

Pay through your property taxes. Zero down options with terms up to 30 years.

Traditional Financing

Pay through a traditional loan, get approved in minutes. Large variety of packages.


You can always pay cash and start getting your return on investment day one!


Pace Financing

In 2019, Bison donated a new roof and solar system to a family in need within our community. We were able to replace their leaky roof and also install a solar system to eliminate their monthly utility expense. Check out the video to the left for details. We loving giving back to our community and hope to offer another giveaway soon.


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    Feel free to contact us by phone, email or via the form on this page. You can also stop by and see us at our office on the corner of Dixie & NE 48 St, approximately 2 blocks south of Commercial Blvd in Oakland Park, FL.