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    Solar incentives are plentiful. bison is happy to offer our customers a robust referral program.

    We are proud of our business and the work that we do. In addition to Florida solar incentives, we offer a referral program that benefits our existing customers. In our program, we offer up to $750 per referral. This is paid once the job is signed off on and completed. 

    It is a great way for you to add some extra cash in your pocket, on top of the money you have already saved by going solar!

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    By going solar, you have already reaped the benefits of solar incentives. These include cost savings, tax credits, and a higher home value. When you refer a roofing and/or solar customer who signs up with us, we want to make sure you know how grateful we are. For each referral, we will send you up to $750. All you need to do is one of these two things:

    • You can send us the name and contact information of your friend, neighbor, or whomever you wish to refer. We’ll take it from there!
    • Have your referral fill out a contact form, or call us at 954.541.5197, and make sure they mention that you sent them our way in their message. 

    Florida Solar Incentives, Benefits, and Rewards

    Bison Roofing and Solar has been in business for over 10 years. We are family owned and operated. We are proud of each roof we put up, and every solar panel we install. We are always grateful for our current customers and look forward to meeting the ones who have yet to come our way. 

    We believe in the impact of the solar industry. For every dollar it saves for homeowners, and the environmental benefits that will be felt for generations to come. Because of our dedication, we are consistently ranked as one of the top roofing and solar installers in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. South Florida is the perfect location for solar energy. We have abundant sunshine and fantastic weather, which helps make going solar a no-brainer for most homeowners. 

    By going solar, you save on your electrical bill, own your system, and don’t need to put any money down. Between that and the tax incentives you are eligible for, that is a lot of money in your pocket. By sending in your referrals, the rewards you can get from Bison may just pay for your next big purchase, or a well-deserved vacation. 

    Send Us Your Referral Now!