Take Control of Your Utility Expenses to Combat Inflation

Posted on September 7, 2022 in by Brigitte Sinoradzki

Inflation is real, and all of us are feeling the effects. It is happening all around us, from never before seen prices for bread, eggs and other staples at the grocery store to skyrocketing gasoline prices. You may not be able to control a lot of it. However, by taking control of your utility expenses, you can do something to combat inflation. And how do you do that? By switching to solar energy for your home.

By going solar, you are immediately locking yourself in at a rate that will stay the same for 30 years. And, our goal at Bison is to get that rate lower than what you are currently paying for electricity to FPL. And for most of our customers, this becomes a reality.

Paying Your Utility Provider is a Lifelong Commitment. Why Not Commit to Solar Instead?utility expenses

A common misconception is that solar energy is an additional bill to the utility expenses you already have.

This is not the case. 

    • Solar replaces your utility bill. The only thing you will be responsible for is a small grid fee to FPL, which is our only utility provider here in South Florida.
    • There is an end date to paying off your solar expenses. After that, you own your system and the only thing you will have to pay is the grid fee.
    • Solar is a fixed expense. The rate you get when you get your system will not change.
    • You do not need to lay out a lot of money to get solar panels. We have many ways to help you make solar affordable, from standard loans to no-money-down financing.

In addition to locking in your energy rates where they are now – or lower – you will become eligible for a number of benefits that can help you during this inflationary period. One of those biggest benefits is a 30% tax credit. If you get your solar panels prior to the end of 2022, you’ll be eligible to receive those benefits when you file your 2022 taxes. We are in the last quarter of the year, so it is a great time to set yourself up to pad your pocket for 2023.

The inflation we have experienced over the past years is paramount, but it is bound to slow down eventually. However, utility expenses through FPL are slated to rise over the next few years. This is a fact, and you can read more about the projected utility inflation here:


Pass Your Low Utility Expenses To The Next Homeowner if You Sell!

Another industry that has been hard-hit by inflation is the real estate market. If you plan on selling your home, you can make even more money by adding residential solar panels to your rooftop. It adds value to your home. It also makes a great competitive advantage in a hot market, if you are selling a fixed utility rate that will not change for the new owners. Who wouldn’t want that!

In the inflated economy we live in, your utility expenses don’t need to be affected. In fact, by locking them in with solar, you can help save more money to make up for the extra cash you are spending elsewhere. If you would like more information about solar payment options and how solar can help you save money, contact us today!