Tesla Solar Panels vs. The Competition

Posted on June 22, 2022 in by kcoughlin

When it comes to Tesla solar panels, the name carries a lot of weight. But does the product match up? In this blog, we’ll break down what the differences are with a Tesla solar panel, take a look at some reviews, and give our honest opinion on the product.

What are Tesla Solar Panels?tesla solar panels

The Tesla solar panel was introduced back in 2015 with limited production. The company started with what is known as the Tesla Powerwall. A lithium-iron battery that is sold separately from solar panels, in an effort to store energy in the event of a power failure. After that, they began creating solar panels and solar roofing. From multiple sources, it seems like the Tesla powerwall and solar panel combination is best only for locations where the cost of electricity is extremely high, such as Hawaii. The cost of investment in both is high, so the ROI is not as significant as it may be with standard solar panels.

“A May 2015 article in Forbes magazine assessed that using a Tesla Powerwall 1 model with solar panels in a home would cost 30 cents/kWh for electricity if the home was connected to the grid (the article acknowledges that the Tesla battery could make economic sense in applications that are entirely off-grid). US consumers get electricity from the power grid for 12.5 cents/kWh on average. The article concluded the “…Tesla’s Powerwall Is Just Another Toy For Rich Green People.”

Bison Solar Panels and the Industry Standard.

Bison works with the industry’s top solar panels available on the market today. Our goal is always to save money for our customers through going solar. The solar panels we use stand up to Tesla solar panels in their sleek look and style. Black on black, they do not create the eyesore people often associate solar panels with. Our solar panels are built and customized to seamlessly blend into the look of your roof, creating continuity and class.

It is important to note warranties when it comes to large home investments like solar panels. Bison offers some great warranties, making sure our customers are comfortable and completely satisfied with their purchase. Tesla’s performance warranty is slightly below the industry average.

Next, Bison offers completely custom solar panels and solar roofing. Tesla makes it “easy” for consumers by giving size options for you to choose from. However, that can end up backfiring if you purchase a system that is too large or too small. Our solar experts do a thorough inspection of your roof and energy consumption in order to come up with a solar panel system specific to your needs. Of the hundreds of jobs we have completed, no two are the same. With Bison, you will know exactly what is getting installed, and why. Tesla’s practices make it a little more broad.

Customer service is an essential part of what we do. We are there for our customers before, during, and after solar installation. Tesla solar panels carry a large name, but unfortunately their reputation for solar service isn’t at the top. You can read more about that at While the Tesla prices may seem attractive, as does the name, when you run into an issue 3 years in, you’ll appreciate a responsive company that can help you work through any problems.

The bottom line is that Tesla Solar Panels are a hot product in our competitive market. As with any large purchase – a house, a car, a vacation – you want to make sure you are getting what is right for you, and only you. Tesla may be a great option for some, but as always we encourage you to do your own research, and not just jump in blindly because it is a household name.

More often than not, you’ll be happier with a local company like Bison that has your best interest in mind, and not just adding numbers to their repertoire.