Solar Energy Facts You Might Not Know

Posted on March 9, 2023 in by Brigitte Sinoradzki

Solar energy is adaptable for many use cases, and the cost continues to decrease as the benefits continue to increase. For this reason, solar energy is no longer being referred to as “the future” but instead as the present.

Today, we would like to present you with some solar energy facts, beyond the obvious.

solar energySolar Energy is Completely Safe

Solar panels are completely safe and even undergo international inspections and testing standards. During the installation process, a certified electrician will also complete a thorough inspection.

Additionally, Solar Energy benefits the environment in which you live. Opting for Solar Energy reduces the need for an energy source that causes harmful carbon emissions. The increased use of Solar Energy, according to Forbes, has reduced 122 Million Metric Tons of carbon annually and is equivalent to the following:

  • 27 million vehicles off the road
  • 14 billion gallons of gas unused
  • 2 billion trees planted
  • And 31 coal-fired plants shuttered

Solar Energy Facts, continued: More People Use Solar Energy Than You Think 

In total, 135 GW of solar is currently installed in the U.S. For comparison, that is equivalent to 23 million homes. 1 GW equals a billion watts, and a standard light bulb is about 60 watts.

Bison solar energyCompanies you are familiar with and might even use daily are using plenty of solar energy each year. In the year 2022,  

  • Meta (Facebook, Instagram, and more) used 3,588.06 MW of Solar Energy,
  • Amazon used 1,113.43 MW,
  • Apple used 987.25 MW,
  • Walmart used 688.91 MW,
  • Microsoft used 550.06 MW, and
  • Target used 515.06 MW

In fact, in 2020, every 75 seconds, a new solar project was installed. Since then, each year, the price of solar energy has decreased dramatically. We can expect that rate to be even higher as Solar Energy has become even more accessible than in 2020.

Solar Energy is Taking Over

Solar Energy is projected to take over the market as installation has become more accessible than ever with low financing options and tax credit reimbursements. Studies show that:

  • There are 18.9 million households in the United States compatible with solar panel installation.
  • In 2030, we expect 13.4% of homes in the United States will have solar systems installed.
  • 324 GW of solar energy will be installed over the next ten years. That is three times the amount installed in just 2020.

Solar Energy is Making a Difference Right in Your Community 

BeBot is a Solar Powered Robot that sifts through the sand of Florida beaches, removing pollutants like cigarette butts, plastic, and other trash. The robot is able to dig three inches below the surface of the sand. This solar powered robot is helping to clean pollution that could end up in our oceans.

BeBot was originally developed in Paris and made its way to the Keep Brevard Beautiful program. BeBot has since been adopted by the Keep Florida Beautiful program and has so far collected 145 tons of trash from the sunshine state’s beaches. The robot is powered solely by solar energy and does not emit any harmful gasses into the atmosphere.

Solar energy has many ways to benefit your life and your community. Bison Roofing and Solar proudly serves Palm Beach and Broward Counties. We work closely with our clients to create a personalized plan for solar installation that meets your interests and goals. We are proud to hold a 4.7 Google Rating and have successfully installed solar panels for over 500 clients. Contact us today to learn more about how solar energy can benefit your life!