Solar Panels Broward County

Solar Panels Broward County


Looking for solar panels in Broward County? Bison Roofing and Solar is here to serve you. A quick look at our reviews will show you the quality of our work. Bison is proud to provide state of the art solar energy and roofing to Broward homeowners. There are many Broward County solar panel incentives and benefits. We are here to answer any questions you have so that you feel confident about going solar. 


Broward County Solar Panel Incentives and Benefits

Broward County FL Solar



Making the change to solar power comes with many benefits, both financial and environmental. Here are some of the top Broward County solar panel incentives and benefits: 


  • Cost savings. FPL will be consistently raising their rates over the next few years. This means your electric bill will continue to rise if you don’t take things into your own hands. By making the change to solar, you will be locking in a lower rate for years to come.
  • Federal tax credit. In addition to a lower monthly payment, you will get a federal tax credit for making the switch. You can choose to put this extra money into your solar energy payment – making it even lower. Or, you can use it to fund your next getaway. 
  • Energy independence. By switching to solar, you produce your own energy rather than renting it from FPL. You own your solar panels, and have something to show for the money you spend monthly!
  • Better the environment. Solar energy reduces your CO2 emissions. It is powered by the sun, and your panels create renewable energy. By making the switch, you can rest assured you are directly contributing to the health of the environment for generations to come.
  • Increase your property value. Buyers are more interested in homes powered by solar energy. This means that you can raise the cost of your home substantially if and when you decide to put it on the market!


Bison Solar Panels Broward County


Bison Roofing and Solar is one of the top Broward County solar companies. A family owned and operated business, we consistently offer first-class service to all of our customers. We are proud to provide both roofing and solar panel installation. Our entire staff and every contractor is thoroughly trained and best in the industry. 


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