Solar Panels Palm Beach County

Solar Panels Palm Beach County

If you are looking for solar for your house in Palm Beach County, Bison is here to serve you. Consistently ranked the best in the business, we are proud to provide state of the art solar roofing to Palm Beach homeowners. The benefits of adding solar energy to your home are plentiful, and we are here to help educate you so that you feel confident about making the change. From our initial consultation to the installation and beyond, we are here for you. 

Solar Panels on a Customers Roof

Benefits of solar panels

Adding solar energy to your home is a smart decision, both financially and environmentally. It will help you start saving money from day one. It will also help the environment be healthier.

Here are some of the top reasons to switch to solar:

  • Cost savings. FPL is raising their fees over the next few years. This means that you will be renting electricity from them at a growing cost. If you make the change to solar, you will lock in a low rate immediately. This rate will not change over the lifetime of your solar roofing. The earlier you make the change, the more savings you will see!
  • Federal tax credit. Not only will you have a lower monthly payment, but you will get money back from the government for making the switch. These incentives won’t last forever, so get them while you can!
  • Energy independence. When you switch to solar, you are producing your own energy. So, you have something to show for the money you spend, rather than renting it from FPL. 
  • Help the environment. Adding solar panels to your home reduces your carbon footprint. It creates renewable energy, powered by the sun. You can feel good about your decision by knowing you are directly contributing to a cleaner environment for generations to come. 
  • Increase your property value. One of the benefits of solar panels is that it increases your home value. If you plan on selling your home, home buyers are more likely to be interested in homes powered by solar. Not only will it make your home more attractive, but it adds value as well. 

Bison Solar Panels Palm Beach County

Bison Roofing and Solar has been in business for over ten years, and is one of the best solar companies in Palm Beach. A family owned business, our focus is always on providing top service to local homeowners looking to reap the benefits of solar panels. We offer both roofing and solar panel installation. All of our workers are the best in the business, and we stay at the helm of the newest technology in solar roofing. 


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