Sales Careers at Bison are a Rewarding Opportunity!

Posted on September 1, 2022 in , by Brigitte Sinoradzki

If you are looking for sales careers, have you thought about going into roofing and solar? Salesmen are notoriously known for their ambition, drive, and relentless pursuit of their goal – to sell. We look for all of that, but it is so much easier to sell when you can really get behind what it is you are selling.

Roofing and Solar Sales – Selling a Better Lifestyle. sales careers

When you love what you do, it shows. Here at Bison, we love the fact that we get to help people:

  • improve their homes with new roofing
  • help their financial situation by going solar
  • better the environment through renewable energy

Some may say what we sell, sells itself. But like any sales career, there are hurdles. Many folks mistakenly believe that solar energy is expensive, unnecessary, or just plain BS. Our sales reps are on a mission to spread the message that this is hardly the case.

First of all, there is our environment at stake. Climate change is an extremely real threat. We are already feeling the effects of it now. It is hard to imagine what the next generations are going to go through, especially if nothing changes. Renewable energy is the way of the future, and by going solar, homeowners are directly impacting the environment in a positive way. Each home that goes solar eliminates the amount of carbon emissions that invade our atmosphere greatly.

Second of all, solar saves money for homeowners. Sure, if you glance at the cost of a unit, it is about as much as a new car. However, there is so much more to look at beyond that. FPL is our only other option for electric power here in South Florida. Their rates are slated to go up over the next few years. By going solar, you are locking in at a rate that WILL NOT CHANGE for 30 years. And, you own your electricity instead of renting it. There are also tax rebates and other incentives for going solar. On top of that, Bison offers a number of payment options, including no-money-down financing.

We care about each customer we serve. We work as a team and strive to find the best solution for their needs. Our solar installs are not one-size-fits all, in fact we go out of our way to look at all possible options for our customers to make a new roof and/or solar work for them.

The Epitome of Work – Life Balance

Remember a time before COVID struck? It can be hard to, since so much has changed and become our new normal. One of the big things that changed is the way individuals work, and how they view work-life balance. Priorities have shifted, with workers realizing there is more to life than sitting at a desk from 9-5 doing something you may not be passionate about.

With Bison sales careers, it is as if you run your own business. We provide the tools and training you need to have massive success at what you do. However, what you do with that is up to you. We don’t require people to sit at our office killing time in between appointments. Our sales reps generally come to the office for a weekly sales meeting, or for “Fun Friday” which is strictly to get together, unwind, and celebrate the week’s accomplishments. That being said, we welcome everyone who works with us anytime, whether it is to brainstorm, go over an account, strategize, or just say hi.

We have a wonderful team of free-thinkers and ambitious individuals who love the industry and love Bison. There is so much opportunity in our service area for growth, the amount you can earn is truly endless. If you are interested in joining a wonderful team, and getting your foot in the door for an extremely lucrative sales career, let’s talk!