The Inevitable Transition to Renewable Energy

Posted on October 27, 2022 in by Brigitte Sinoradzki

Up to this point, the transition from non renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources, has been mostly voluntary. However, in some states, plans are being put in place to make certain transitions to renewable energy mandatory.

Renewable energy is energy that comes from a source that is endless or self replenishing. No matter how much energy we as a society use, this source will never deplete itself. The otherwise default energy source is fossil fuels, like gas, oil, and coals, which are non renewable. Fossil fuels will run out one day, while polluting our planet’s atmosphere in the process.

Renewable Energy Bison Roofing & SolarEfforts Being Made Mandatory to Convert to Renewable Energy

In order to combat the growing fossil fuel pollution in our planet’s atmosphere, the state of California has set in place a plan to transition to solely zero emission vehicles (ZEV) by the year of 2035. This plan was developed by The California Air Resources Board in hopes to “deliver cleaner air and [create] massive reductions in climate-warming pollution.”

Now, the California Air Resources Board does not expect every California resident to go out and buy a new ZEV in 2035. The already owned gas powered cars will still be legal to own and operate. Instead, it is expected that in model year 2026, automakers are required to produce more ZEVs.

To give a clear vision of this plan, California Air Resources Board explains that “by the time a child born this year is ready to enter middle school, only zero-emission vehicles or a limited number of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) will be offered for sale in California.”

For those worried about the reliability of a ZEV, California promises its residents: “long-term emission benefits, quality, and durability of these clean cars and trucks and the batteries they run on.” Also, “by model year 2030, the rules require the vehicle to maintain at least 80% of electric range for 10 years or 150,000 miles.”

Aside from the health of the planet and its atmosphere, this transition will also benefit Californian’s personal health. The plan to transition to ZEV also takes into consideration a way to relieve health issues. California Air Resources Board predicts that:

From 2026 through 2040 the regulation will result in cumulative avoided health impacts worth nearly $13 billion including 1,290 fewer cardiopulmonary deaths, 460 fewer hospital admissions for cardiovascular or respiratory illness, and 650 fewer emergency room visits for asthma.

Renewable Energy Bison Roofing & Solar Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

No matter where we live, each one of us is responsible for our own carbon footprint, the total amount of pollution we cause. Unfortunately, the United States has one the largest carbon footprints in the world. While our carbon footprint negatively affects our planet’s atmosphere, it also has a direct negative impact on our personal health as well.

We can start the transition to using renewable energy sources right in our own homes. Renewable energy is accessible to anyone. The leading source of renewable energy is solar panels. Solar panels generate their energy from the sun, a source which will never run out (at least not for 5 billion years).

By using the best roofing and solar materials, Bison Roofing and Solar is ready to help South Florida transition to renewable energy. With over 500 installations and a 4.7 Google Rating, we are ready to make this transition as easy as possible for you. We would love to discuss your home’s needs so that we may exceed your expectations. Schedule your appointment – virtual or in person. If you are interested in getting started, give us a call today!

Author: Jacquelyn Elliott, Kai Communications