Is Solar Energy Expensive? A Breakdown of the Reallocation of Your Money and How Solar Works for You.

Posted on July 20, 2022 in by Brigitte Sinoradzki

If you are in the market for solar energy, one big thing on your mind is most likely the expense. We want to convert the question “is solar energy expensive” to “how does solar energy make my money work for me.” Because, this is in fact what it is doing, if it is done correctly.

is solar energy expensiveHow does solar energy make my money work for me?

When considering adding solar panels most believe they are taking on an additional expense. In reality, you are taking a current liability and turning into a future asset because your utility bill will never go away, but your solar bill will, and will while adding equity to your home. Hence, moving a liability into an asset.

Adding solar energy panels to your home is an expense. There is no doubt about that. However, there is a bigger picture to keep in mind when you are exploring making the switch to renewable energy.

  • Ideally, solar energy offsets your electricity bills to the point where all you need to pay to FPL is a small connection fee. If you look at it this way, you are actually reallocating the money you would be giving to FPL and putting it into your solar panels.
  • With solar, you are locked into a fixed rate that is not subject to increase. If you decide to pay your bill in full, that amount will be $0. If you choose to pay through no money down financing with Ygrene or one of our other partners, it will be the rate of your loan. Generally, we aim to make your loan rate lower than you pay to FPL on a monthly basis. You will still have a connection fee to FPL, and if your energy usage increases, you will have to pay that difference to FPL as well.
  • You have a pay off date. When you get your energy through FPL, you are basically renting your electricity. When you go solar, you own it. This means that there is an end date in sight for your payment amount. With FPL, you are guaranteed to be paying it for the rest of your life.

Is Solar Energy Expensive? Why It’s Important to Look at the Big Picture.

If you just look at the cost of a solar panel system, it looks big. Heck, it’s equivalent to buying a car. However, it isn’t like adding something to your home that is not going to work for you and just costs more money, like a pool might. In addition to the reallocation of money we describe above, with solar energy there are more benefits. is solar energy expensive? Bison Roofing and Solar

  • You are helping the environment. With each home that goes solar, we are reducing carbon emissions. This results in healthier air and atmosphere for generations to come. You can proudly say that you are doing your part to help the environment.
  • There are many incentives for going solar that exist right now. It’s no secret that our environment is in turmoil. For this reason, tax incentives are given out for every homeowner that switched to solar, assuming you have taxable income. These incentives are going to be reduced over the next few years, so it is important to go solar as soon as possible to get the biggest ROI on your investment.

Is solar energy expensive? Not if it is done the right way. Here at Bison, we work with only the best solar panels in the industry. We also work with and employ the best solar contractors. We always aim to save you the most money, while giving you the best deal for your money.

We understand that you may have questions about solar and the various payment options we offer. Bison provides a no-cost, no-obligation property assessment so that you can see what solar will look like on your home. We also break down all the costs so there are no surprises. Contact us today to get started!