How much do solar panels cost? A breakdown of what determines this number.

Posted on February 14, 2022 in by kcoughlin

Everyone wants to save money. So, a common question is how much do solar panels cost? While the answer is different for everyone – more on that below – the bottom line is that putting solar panels on your home saves you money starting day 1*. It is just a matter of how you look at the spend, and clearing up a few common misconceptions.

You don’t need to have thousands of dollars laying around to go solar.

How much do solar panels cost

In fact, you don’t need any savings at all. While you can certainly choose to put money down or pay for your solar panels in full, the most common way to pay for your solar system is with zero money down financing. In this case, you are substituting your monthly killowat spend with FPL with a solar bill. The goal is for your solar bill to be lower, which is typically the case. Going solar is a reallocation of your money.

Let’s face it – no matter where you live in your lifetime, you will be paying some kind of electrical bill. For most, it is non-negotiable. Here in South Florida we need our air conditioning. When you make the decision to install solar panels, you are going from a high FPL bill to paying for your solar panels. This bill is usually lower than what you pay to FPL. And, the best part is that you are locked in at the rate you get when you sign up.

As an example, one house we service in Delray Beach currently pays $200 in kilowatt hours to FPL each month, and now their monthly solar bill is $150. That is an extra $50 in their pocket each month. Whatever your unique savings are, you are guaranteed to be paying that same amount monthly for the lifetime of your solar equipment. This means that you can avoid costly electrical rate hikes by FPL, which are slated to rise significantly over the next few years.

You can read more about the FPL price increases here.

This would be the same as locking in your gas rates back when they were $2 a gallon. You would be thanking yourself today!

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? What You Need to Know.

When a member of the Bison team works with you, one of the first things we look at is your average electric bill and kilowatt usage over the course of a year. This helps us determine how much energy your household uses. As you can imagine, this number is individual and differs depending on how much electricity you use in a given month, the size of your house, the number of people in your household, and more.

Cost of solar panels in FloridaOnce we have this information, we build a solar panel system based on your specific needs. The amount you pay is almost always lower than what you pay to FPL on a monthly basis. And that is based on what you are paying now. Remember FPL is raising their rates, so you will be saving more and more over time. The bottom line is that:

  • Solar requires no money down.
  • Your monthly solar bill will almost always be lower than your FPL bill.
  • FPL rates are rising. Your solar cost is set in stone.

On top of saving you money each month, there are benefits and incentives for going solar in Florida. You may be eligible for tax credits, benefits, and additional incentives to offset the cost of going solar.

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*This statement is made assuming your solar panels are fully financed.

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