How Long Does a Roof Last? What you need to know before you decide on popular roof types.

Posted on October 12, 2022 in by Brigitte Sinoradzki

Bison Roofing & Solar is pleased to provide top of the line popular roof styles in South Florida. A common question we encounter is: “how long does a roof last?” It is important for you to know what you are getting when you choose a roof, and how long you can expect your investment to last. In this blog, we break down three of the most popular roofing types and how long they last.

How Long Does a Roof Last in Florida?

How long does a roof lastHere in Florida, we are subject to lots of sunshine, rain and wind, and occasionally heavy storms. However, we are spared the harsh winters of other areas around the country. We actually have fairly good conditions to keep your roof in great condition for a number of years. Each kind of roof you get comes with a different price tag. Of course, there are variables like how large your home is, what the condition under your roof is like, and more that can affect pricing.

The numbers provided below are an estimate and a standard for how long a roof should last. As with everything there are outside factors that can change the number, so they are not set in stone.

How Long Does a Shingle Roof Last? Approximately 12 – 15 Years

Shingle roofing is a very popular option here in South Florida. It looks nice, fits the spanish-style architecture that is prominent in our area, and is visually appealing. A shingle roof is a budget friendly option for many families looking for a new roof. Bison offers a wide array of shingle colors to our customers. We work with only top quality brands such as GAF, CertainTeed and Owens Corning.

How Long Does a Tile Roof Last In Florida? Approximately 25 Years.

Tile Roofing is another popular roof type. It lasts longer than shingle, and looks clean and well-finished. Many of our customers choose tile for their roof. Here in South Florida, it is especially popular because of its durability in the sun and heat. Bison proudly carries many different kinds of tile roofing materials that are in stock, meaning that you won’t need to wait as long to get your roof completed.

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last? Approximately 50 Years.

Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular as homeowners realize the benefits of metal roofing. They are by far the most durable and long lasting option of all roofing types. Bison offers a wide variety of color options and styles, so that we can match exactly what our customers are looking for. They are super long lasting, look great, and are often made of recycled materials. If you haven’t thought about a metal roof, it is a good idea to look further into it.

Adding Solar Panels to Your Roof Can Actually Help Extend Your Roof’s Life.

In addition to being one of the best roofing companies in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, we offer solar installation. Bison added solar panel installation to our services in 2015, and we have been dominating the industry ever since.

Fun fact – solar panels on your roof can extend your roofing even longer than expected! Think about it like this: if you put a carpet in a spot on your floor, and after years of use you remove that carpet, the spot that was covered will still look new, while the rest of the floor shows wear and tear.

Solar panels act the same, just for your roof! They act as an extra layer of protection, no matter what kind of roofing material you choose to go with. It can add years to your roof’s life. And, at the same time, adds value to your home, and savings to your pocket.

How long does a roof last? That all depends on what kind of roof you choose. If you would like to talk about customized options for your home specifically, contact us today!