Is My House a Good Candidate for Home Solar Panels?

Posted on April 21, 2022 in by kcoughlin

Home solar panels are a hot commodity. You may be wondering if solar is a good option for your home. Living in South Florida, almost every home has a viable roof for solar installation. It is up to experts, like Bison, to figure out how to make solar panels work on your home. In this blog, we break down what makes a home an ideal candidate for solar, and what we do if your specific conditions aren’t perfect.

The Ideal Home for Solar Panel Installation

There are a few basic rules of thumb that make a home absolutely perfect for home solar panels. However, even if your home doesn’t fit this description perfectly, you probably have more than enough abundant sunshine and roof space for solar. The ideal conditions for solar energy are:

  • A South-facing roof. The best placement for solar panels on a roof is south-facing. However, here in South Florida we are gifted with abundant sunshine from all angles, meaning that even if we have to use other portions of the roof, your solar panels will perform well.
  • Unobstructed sunshine. It is pretty obvious that solar energy works best when the sun is beating down directly on the panels. This means that tall construction, or trees overhanging the roof, can create a little bit of an issue. However, trees can be trimmed, and luckily we don’t have many tall buildings here in South Florida.
  • Enough room for the number of panels you require. Our goal is to offset your energy bill 100%. In order to achieve this, it is important that there is enough room on your roof for the appropriate amount of solar panels. Things like sunlights, etc can cut into the real estate of your roof.
  • The angle of your roof. The absolutely ideal roof pitch for solar is about 30 degrees. Before you go out and start trying to figure out this number…
    • This is part of what we figure out for you.
    • Almost any roof angle will work, even a flat roof.

How to get started with home solar panels

home solar panels

The beauty of working with a fully certified, licensed and insured solar company like Bison is that we take all of the guesswork out of the process. We offer completely free and no-obligation assessments of your home and roof to determine how well solar will work for you. We understand going solar is a big decision for any homeowner, so we strive to make it as easy, comfortable and seamless as possible!

When you begin working with us, the first thing we do is look at your roof. The second thing we do is take your average kilowatt usage over the course of a year. These two things help us determine how much energy you need to power your home, and how we can ideally set it up on your roof. No two solar panel systems are the same. Bison completely customizes every home we work on.

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Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

This is a question we commonly get asked. And the answer is yes. As the world turns to renewable energy more and more, solar panels are a hot commodity in the housing market. Solar panels do increase home value. Not only that, but by going solar we aim to reduce your monthly electric bill, saving you money instantly and in the long run. You may also be eligible for federal tax incentives for adding solar panels to your home.

Getting started with home solar panels is easy. And beneficial for your home, your pocket, and the environment. At Bison, we ensure your house is a good candidate for home solar panels, and figure out the best way to make it work. If you have concerns about living in an HOA and installing solar, you can read more about that here: HOAs and Solar.

With South Florida’s weather conditions, almost any home is perfect for solar. While solar works best in direct sunlight, you can rest assured that they are still doing their work in cloudy conditions. To get started today, give us a shout by clicking the button below!

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