Going Solar: What to Expect!

Posted on June 22, 2023 in by Brigitte Sinoradzki

Are you thinking about going solar? We are so excited to hear that! Going solar comes with numerous benefits, including saving money while helping the environment.

So, you might be wondering: what is the solar installation process like?

In this blog, Bison Roofing and Solar will provide you with a clear breakdown of what you can expect throughout the whole solar installation. From your first appointment to the day your solar panel installation is completed. We can not predict the future but after over 500 successful installations, we are pretty sure your solar installation will go a little something like this…

Going Solar with Bison Roofing and SolarLeading Up to Going Solar

Let’s get started!

  • Once you make an appointment with a solar expert, we will discuss your solar expectations, needs, and possible questions and concerns. Our experts will ask you for some information including your average kilowatt usage annually.
  • At this step of the process, Bison Roofing and Solar strives to provide complete transparency about what you can expect when working with us, so keep the questions coming!
  • In fact, in order to keep everyone on the same page, our next step would be a pre-proposal onsite evaluation. This step helps to alleviate any surprises later on.
  • An on site evaluation also helps our team to determine the placement of your solar panels to provide optimal efficiency for your home.
  • Bison Roofing and Solar will then schedule a Site Survey. This survey will ensure that the layout we have proposed is up to all code requirements.
  • With your seal of approval, we will then submit the plans to your local building department.
  • If your community has an HOA, we also ensure that our plans meet their standards.

Permits are pulled and materials are gathered. It can be expected for this process to take two and four months. However, permitting is the longest part of the whole solar process between your signature and the completion of your solar installation.

During Solar Installation 

Your installation day is here! What can you expect?

  • To start, there is no reason to plan to leave your home and make any type of arrangements. Business as usual!
  • At this point of the process, our solar experts work hard to ensure a timely completion without the sacrifice of quality workmanship of course.
  • While the duration of your installation will depend on the size of your project, you can expect your solar installation to take less than a week.
  • Our expert installers are professional and personable.
  • If you happen to have any questions during the process, do not hesitate to ask the experts at your home or simply give us a call.

After Going Solar

After Going Solar

Your solar installation is complete! Now it is time to relax and reap the benefits. Maybe plan what you are going to do with the money you are saving while not having to pay your old energy bill!

Your solar energy works optimally in unobstructed sunlight. Fortunately, we live in the sunshine state, so you can expect abundant solar energy.

Additionally, solar energy comes with little to no maintenance. Rain will cleanse your panels naturally by running off anything that could be collected on your panels. So what do you think?

Are You Ready to Get Started?

We’re ready when you are!

Bison Roofing and Solar is a company that prides itself on being one of the best roofing and solar companies in South Florida. Our company carries all of the required licensing, including Florida’s Roofing Contracting License and Solar Contracting License.

Our expert installers exclusively use the best in class, SIL-400 HC+ solar panels. These panels are known to be the most highly efficient solar panels on the market. Numerous performance test  and certificates of recognition can prove it.

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