Great News About the Florida Solar Panel Law!

Posted on May 2, 2022 in by kcoughlin

For those of you who follow news about solar energy in Florida, you are probably aware that legislation had been passed to put an end to net metering. This would have greatly affected the industry, as well as your investment in solar panels for your home. Florida solar panel law was in question. It was a waiting game while the papers made their way to the top.

Florida Solar LawOn Apr 27, 2022 Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed the legislation, effectively ending our battle against large corporations trying to change Florida solar panel law in their favor. 

Florida Solar Panel Law No Longer in Question!

According to Adam Coughlin, Bison Co-Founder “For months now, the state of independent solar energy has been in limbo, leaving companies such as Bison – and more importantly our customers – with an uncertain future. Thanks to the veto of the net metering bill, we can continue to serve our customers and save money for Florida homeowners in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Net metering is the process of electricity billing. It allows homeowners who generate their own electricity through solar energy to use that energy anytime, not only at the time it is generated and getting paid what a kilowatt is worth when it’s produced. Had the bill been passed, it would have resulted in larger fees for existing solar customers, and less incentives for families interested in going solar.

South Florida is the ideal location for solar energy. With our abundant sunshine and fair weather, there is no reason we should not be a leading state in independent renewable energy. Now that we know our future is secure, we can continue to serve our communities in the best way possible. Helping them put money back into their own pockets, while bettering the environment at the same time.” Says Kimberly Coughlin, Bison Co-Founder.

Desantis Hits a Home Run for the Solar Industry

According to an article in the Miami Herald, Desantis said:

“Given that the United States is experiencing the worst inflation in 40 years and that customers have seen steep increases in the price of gas and groceries, as well as escalating bills, the state of Florida should not contribute to the financial crunch that our citizens are experiencing,’’ DeSantis wrote in a four-paragraph veto letter. 

The governor said that while the measure, HB 741, allowed public utilities to “impose additional charges to recover lost revenues resulting from residential solar generation that exceeds the public utilities estimate,” he concluded the amount was “speculative and would be borne by all customers.”

Florida Solar Law Veto by DesantisThis is a huge win for Bison and the entire solar industry. Countless jobs would have been lost if the legislation had been passed. Solar is a booming industry in South Florida, rightfully so. With all of the upheaval the whole world has faced in the past few years, the last thing Florida would have needed is more roadblocks to success.

What This Means for Our Current and Future Solar Customers

Bison is built upon core values that always put our customers first. We are so happy that this decision was made, and our current solar customers do not have to worry about any changes, increased prices, or lost incentives. As for future customers who were on the fence about solar, now you have no reason to wait! Our governor can see the benefit of independent energy, and it is the way of the future. Many federal incentives are in place for homeowners who make the switch to solar. Bison also offers many financing options so that no money is required out of pocket.

You can read more about solar and get answers to FAQs by visiting our blog. If you have any questions about this exciting news or solar in general, give us a call today!

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