Roofing Estimate: How to Compare Different Ones Properly.

Posted on September 29, 2023 in by Brigitte

Bison roofing estimate So, you need a new roof. You are getting different opinions and a roof estimate from various roofing companies. You have been presented with different numbers and different plans for your roof. But how do you know which proposal is the best? Are the companies you are talking to reputable? Sometimes, searching for something like a “free roof estimate near me” just doesn’t cut it. 

A new roof is not a simple home improvement project. At Bison Roofing and Solar, we understand the decision making that goes into installing a new roof.

And, did you know that not all roofing estimates are created equal? 


Here are three basic things to look for when you get your roofing estimate:


  1. Quality Materials 


It is essential to understand how the price of your roofing estimate relates to the quality of the materials used. As with many things in life, the old saying “you get what you pay for” holds true. You do not have to spend a fortune on a new roof, but you want to ensure you are investing in quality materials that will last. 


Using quality materials for your roof will not only increase its longevity and durability but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.


So, when choosing a roofing company, make sure they are transparent about the materials they use. You want to work with a company that takes pride in the materials they install for their clients.


  1. Extended Warranties


Most quality roofing materials will come with extended warranties. If a product is actually of quality, the company can confidently guarantee it will last for years to come. And, if, for some reason, the product does not last, you can rest assured that the company will honor their warranty and solve that issue for you.


Roofing companies that offer extended warranties are also more likely to provide excellent customer service and support, as you can tell they want to ensure their customer’s long term happiness. 


An extended warranty can also add value to your home. Prospective buyers are attracted to homes with extended warranties as it gives them peace of mind that they will not incur additional costs soon after buying a home. 


  1. A Competitive Price

A company that offers competitive prices is more likely to be transparent about its pricing structure and provide a detailed breakdown of the expected costs. 


An estimate set up in this structure helps you to make an informed decision about which roofing services to choose and how much your home improvement project will cost. 


Additionally, a company that offers competitive pricing is one that cares about its clients, so you can expect excellent customer service to follow. 


Comparing roofing estimate Important things to consider when you’re googling “free roof estimate near me”.


As we mentioned above, not all roofing installers create quotes the same way. Some may be more elaborate, while others may only brush the surface of what you are looking for. If you ever feel like any of your questions go unanswered, ASK. A roof is a big investment, and you want to make sure you leave no stone unturned when you are signing a roofing contract. 


Here are 5 things you should consider in addition to the points we covered above:


  • Licensing and insurance. Always make sure that you go with a qualified, licensed roofer. If they can’t easily produce this information, look into other companies. 
  • Who does the actual labor? Are the workers internal and part of the roofing company? Or outsourced? It is always better to work with a team that is all internal, just like we are structured here at Bison. 
  • What is actually covered in your roofing estimate? An estimate is just that – an estimate. What happens when additional material is needed? Or, as an example, perhaps less shingle roofing than originally thought. Will you be reimbursed for the latter? Or charged extra for the former?
  • Who will be your main project point of contact? There is nothing worse than getting a new roof from a salesman only to never hear from them again. You call the company, trying to get an idea of where your project stands only to be put on hold. Frustrating! At Bison, all of our roofing sales representatives stay with our customers throughout the duration of the project as their primary point of contact. 
  • The scope of your roofing project. What exactly is covered? Does each roofing estimate include things like gutters, skylight repair, and wood replacement? There are a lot of moving parts that go into a roof replacement, so go with the company that includes the most holistic approach that will make sure you are completely satisfied. 


Bison Roofing and Solar Goes Above and Beyond


At Bison Roofing and Solar, we like to think we go above and beyond these three focuses on the roofing estimate checklist. 


We use best-in-class roofing materials with extended warranties. Our quality materials are also combined with quality craftsmanship. A roofing company can use the best materials, but your roof will suffer if not installed correctly. Our company holds The Florida Roofing License on the premises for your peace of mind. 


Unlike most of our competitors, we complete an on-site evaluation of your property before we even give you an estimate. It is rare to have two installations that are the same. It only makes sense to provide an honest proposal after evaluating your property. 


At Bison Roofing and Solar, we also offer competitive pricing and partner with several financial institutions to create the best payment plan for your budget. 


Are you ready for a roofing estimate from Bison? Contact us today to get started!